DiNBiN Brand Story

    There are always a few days in a city. There are no vehicles and pedestrians on the road, and the empty road has lost its embellishment. If you are at this time, with your skateboard drifting over, will it bring a gust of wind and blow away the dullness of this road?

    At least, when we saw a young man doing this, we felt energy, youth, stylish, fashion, and something that was irresistible.

    We want to make skateboards, sell them to skateboarders, and share the joy of skateboarding. Once this idea is initiated, it cannot be stopped. We started to learn the knowledge of skateboarding, and we hope to change from skateboard users to skateboard makers. At the beginning, we also encountered many problems. We didn't understand the board, didn't understand the wheels, didn't understand the brackets, didn't understand the features, etc. We didn't know everything. We didn't sleep to find information. We visited many factories. Non-stop. Gradually, we can be sure that we know skateboarding, are familiar with skateboarding, and have the ability to make skateboards. When we started thinking about our own trademarks, we faced difficulties in choosing. We had a variety of choices, but in the end we remembered the unthinking and decisiveness of that time, DO IT NOW, BEGIN IT NOW. In this way, we identified our own trademark, DiNBiN, and quickly registered in the United States. Ding ~ ding ~ ding ~ Bing ~bing ~bing ~, does it sound interesting? Soon, we designed our own logo, stylish text style, playful skateboarding elements, implied our continued mobility and execution. Until now, we can proudly recommend our brand, DiNBiN, to share our products with everyone who loves skateboarding.



    The 22-inch Penny skateboard is a convenient step-by-step tool. It's fast, saving you valuable time. It's not big enough. When you don't use it, it's good to hold it in your hand. under. It is very responsive to your movements and works well with your travels. If you have a strong interest in skateboarding, you can also learn the skills of skateboarding. It is also suitable for beginners, especially girls and children.

DiNBiN Penny Board

2.Double Kick Deck (Traditional skateboard)

    The 31-inch, 7-layer traditional skateboard is perfect for beginners to learn skateboarding, and with mastery of it, you can make amazing moves. With a maximum load capacity of 440 pounds, it has good rolling and grip. The high-density corundum non-slip waterproof surface makes it safer to ride on a skateboard. With a non-slip black and extremely tough grip, you can keep your skills to the maximum. Ideal for any skill level - anyone can use this skateboard to easily display your skateboarding skills. The perfect combination of sport and entertainment, fully portable, suitable for beginner/intermediate levels.

Double Kick Deck


    The 42-inch long board, with its shock-absorbing deck, can ride comfortably for hours, and its turn accuracy and responsiveness are always suitable for your cycling trip, suitable for long distance travel. Relatively stable, long battery life, especially suitable for girls to practice dancing, elegant and dynamic, very aesthetic, and very low risk.


    DiNBiN SktateBoard, the fashion accessory for the younger generation, is paired with a variety of trendy clothing, music and culture. They are also great toys for children to play and develop their love of sports. They are also a good tool for beginners' exercise skills. Our products are CE certified and excellent quality assurance for skateboarders. Affordable prices allow everyone who likes skateboarding to brush the streets at leisure. You can find it in a gathering of various trendy cultures, such as university campuses and music festivals. In addition, in the streets of the coastal areas, there are always people who bring them to the warm sea breeze to leave a cool back.

    DiNBiN is focused on providing you with a pleasant and comfortable skateboarding experience.

   Believe us, choose us, DiNBiN - worth your possession.